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Monday, May 16, 2011

steven tyler cartoon

steven tyler cartoon. Steven Tyler#39;s memoir to
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  • devilstrider
    Feb 24, 08:30 AM
    Honestly they should just kill the 13" mbp.

    I thought they just did :rolleyes:


    I feel you on that.

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  • mac2thefuture
    Feb 12, 12:31 PM
    Ok, a couple of good pm's received so far...I've got to go to the gym now, i'll assess later

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  • Steven Tyler claims he took

  • rapps
    Mar 13, 02:05 PM
    How does the res on the Dell's compare to HD? If I had an HD cable box would the monitors support it?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • nanofrog
    Apr 22, 09:00 AM
    So I decided to go with the Areca 1880ix-12 since word on the internet :) is it outperforms the latest offerings from ATTO. Does it come with an 8088 cable as well to connect external storage solution or just the 8087 internal?

    Also with this MaxConnect HDD adapter solution for 3rd party RAID should I go with this one with no miniSAS cable:
    I presume the Areca controller already comes with an 8087 miniSAS to 4xSATA header cable, do I still need the miniSAS cable that MaxConnect are including in that latter package ? In general do you I need any other accessories besides the ones that come with this MaxConnect pack to connect my 4x SATA HDD's to the controller ?
    The card only comes with fan-out cables (SFF-8087 to 4i*SATA/SAS ends; 1x per SFF-8087 port, so in the case of the ARC-1880ix12, it will come with 3x of them).

    In theory, you could order the version of the Maxupgrades kit without the MiniSAS cable, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and get it (it may be shorter, as those that come with the Areca are 0.5 meters in length). Assuming the cable with the kit is shorter, it won't be as messy as a longer cable could be in terms of routing (those that have used that particular kit haven't mentioned it was a mess that I recall).

    You won't need any other cabling to connect the card to the HDD bays (it all comes in the MaxUpgrades kit).

    If you want to use an internal port with an external enclosure, there's a special cable you'd need to get for this. If you want to use the external port (keep in mind, this typically shares ports with an internal connector in past models, such as the 1680 series), you'd need to buy one. Either way, these do not come with the card, and you'd only need to get them if you're planning on running an external enclosure/s.

    BTW, stick to 1.0 meters or less with SATA disks (1.0 m tends to be the shortest you can get off the shelf, but other lengths are possible via a custom order - I've done this before), and do not use the PCI bracket mount adapters to take internal to external cables (results in instability due to contact resistance - been through this battle before). These adapters are meant to be used with SAS, which runs at a much higher signal voltage (20V) than internal SATA (400mV).

    As for flashing I'll take your advice and do it through firefox, the older version too and not the new 4 that just came out. So it's browser management\flashing utility is available irrespective of whether the card is flashed to EFI yet or not? Considering that it would by default be with BIOS I presume this to be the case?
    You don't need to use the older version of Firefox. I was referring to Safari in terms of older versions that had been tried and didn't work (not tried Safari 5, but given past revisions, I'd skip even trying it when I know Firefox will work properly).

    As per how to do it, a browser works in any OS supported by the card (browser connects via an IP address assigned to the RAID card). Now the firmware is actually in 4 parts (i.e. what you'd get in a firmware download off of Areca's support site). Assuming you don't need to upgrade anything else, you just use EFI to replace BOOT.bin, which is the BIOS version (leave the others alone).

    There should be instructions in the manual that comes with the card fif you're a bit confused (it's in the others, so it should be there this go around as well). There's also confirmation check boxes to be marked before any flash is actually performed anyway (nice little safety feature), so you can look around without causing problems.

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  • Brundlefly
    Jan 11, 02:08 PM
    Overall Score: 191.5

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  • mkrishnan
    Dec 30, 09:44 AM
    The NX bit in AMD K8 CPUs and Execute Disable bit in Intel CPUs are there to prevent buffer overflow exploits.


    Thank you for the link! :)

    So it says it's on the Pentium 4 line, and I'm assuming it's on the Pentium M as well? Is it on current Celerons?

    Interesting that it is not supported by the latest Win2k. I guess that actually is one of the first relevant reasons to upgrade to XP! :eek: :o

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  • Mitch1984
    Oct 4, 12:58 PM
    This is how I think it'll work.

    You'll search for a location and then you click "Photo's took in this location."
    Providing people who've took photos in that location have shared there photo's.

    Imagine searching Google Maps/iPhoto for Photos in your favourite nightclub?

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  • Patmian212
    Nov 28, 01:21 PM
    Hi all,
    I am looking for a pal xbox, preferably with some games. I am also looking for a dreamcast controller, memory card and some games. I have the following that I can include in a trade offer.
    PAL PS2 with 2 controllers and 1 memory card.
    PS2 Games: Oni

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  • Dokter_Mac
    Oct 25, 01:02 AM
    Yeah, sorry. Those too.:)
    Thanks :) It would be sad if only Intel-chips could enjoy this.
    With +- 80% PPC-users it would be a bad move from Apple to.

    steven tyler cartoon. Young Steven Tyler Aerosmith.
  • Young Steven Tyler Aerosmith.

  • MacBlackBook22
    Nov 2, 05:03 AM
    Added geektool mods to the desktop

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  • nathan2301
    Mar 18, 02:37 PM
    Opened and closed for me as well.

    But then again it is in alpha stage so I will give these guys a break. Awesome idea though as I am about to buy a nice TV and a Mac mini for this exact reason. So i will be watching this project closely. :D

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  • McGiord
    Apr 9, 03:43 PM
    Interesting question. I do not know the answer.

    Can you process only the chapters with one ratio and then the others, and then use iMovie to put them together?

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  • dh2005
    May 6, 09:56 AM
    Who's the prick downrating your posts...?!

    A friend of mine runs a small animation business. He does lots of rendering, which is apparently extremely CPU-intensive. If that's what you'll be doing, as DG has said, the i7 might give you something extra. But if you're working on stills, I think the i5 is fine.

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  • jsf8x
    Nov 7, 10:22 AM
    New iMac!!


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  • tazo
    Jul 5, 05:05 AM
    i liked that story. is sort of like all those i went to mac got disappointed but like a magnet it drew me back in-stories :)

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  • Nameci
    Apr 18, 11:04 PM
    i think most probably is that you have some issues with your dc in board which takes care of your charging...

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  • nsbio
    Oct 24, 05:06 PM
    Not unless January is in the Spring, .

    It is California, so January IS Spring there ;)

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  • patrick0brien
    Jul 3, 07:44 AM

    Using VPC for Access is one of the good ideas.

    However, MYsql is even better. My advice would be to buy a book, get caught up on the particulars, then get it. Also OS X has a great MYsql GUI-fied admin utility called YOURsql.

    Open source baby!

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  • ryanfc
    Sep 27, 07:00 AM
    Well then I would definitely say these 2 I found are both reproductions of some sort since they both have a copyright on them. I kind of figured that was going to be true as it seemed uncharacteristic of apple to mess up a piece of art with a copyright line. So they definitely are not worth the $80 and $60 they are asking for them. Maybe if I can get them down to $10 or something I might buy them. Thanks for your help and input.

    Apr 11, 11:26 AM
    As mentioned, all I got was an NSException error in the message and the emulator crashing.
    I'll consider what you said but have no idea what you mean by disrespecting people which is 100% not my intent.

    Sep 23, 09:23 PM
    I've got a working one as well, only it's got a hard drive in and boots 7.5.3 - and I'm not selling it. Even if I was the one who technically owned it, I wouldn't sell it.

    May 1, 08:51 AM
    I have set up the MacBook of my girl friend to get remote access to my home network by a VPN connection. I did this mainly to make it possible for her to copy files from my MacPro. The VPN connection works very well but she cannot "see" my MacPro in the Finder. When she comes visiting me and logs into my network by WLAN she can see the MacPro and download files.

    What is my mistake? I assumed that the MacPro treats an incoming VPN connection like another Mac which is on the network. Apparently this is wrong. What can I do to make it work as I want it to work?

    Jan 11, 12:12 AM
    Should be? As in Apple is going to put it on there, or said they were going to, but haven't yet. OR Should be, as in YOU think that is what Apple should do?

    The Stig

    i think it should be. they're always touting podcasting. why not post their keynote as a podcast? it would be much better than having to sit through a streaming quicktime video.

    I think it SHOULD be.

    Jan 5, 04:03 PM
    I cannot wait!!