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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • bloodycape
    Apr 18, 04:12 PM
    Didn't the touchwiz ui first get introduced in around the same time the iphone was first introduced in their P2 video player and their Symbian based phones? Not really sure if they look like they do know, but I know that branding has been around for a while.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 6, 05:50 PM
    An orgy of Androids? That sounds scary. Almost as scary as a bunch of Apples having an orgy.

    The latter makes apple sauce, which to me is more a peel ing:-)

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  • Sky Blue
    Mar 30, 06:26 PM
    I was talking about the UI. If you are too, what are these "a lot" of changes to the UI? :confused:

    have you not seen the many screen shots of Lion?

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  • onetoescape
    Mar 29, 09:40 AM
    Just remember part of this is that if you buy Amazon digital products they are added to cloud service and they not counted towards the limit. That for me makes the 5gb or 20gb less to worry about. Same price itunes and amazon but free hosting in the cloud as a backup who would you choose?

    This is a very exciting prospect. You want 2 dogs fighting it out to make each other better.

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  • hobo.hopkins
    Mar 30, 10:47 AM
    The most dogmatic persons I have ever conversed with are evolutionists and atheists. Their decrying of religion is hilarious in view of the beliefs they present themselves. Faith. Credulity. Different words, often confused, often misapplied.

    I think by definition religious individuals have to be considerably more dogmatic than atheists or evolutionists.

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  • nmrrjw66
    Apr 14, 12:53 PM
    Holy crap! You know these things are going on but to read the details is nauseating.

    America is getting bent over and the dummies in the Tea Party are championing for their own destruction. Here is a link to the story about the Real Housewives of Wall Street.


    I strongly recommend people do whatever they can to watch the Documentary Inside Job.


    It's red face enraging to see how much money was pocketed by rich *******s in this country while working americans were losing their homes.

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  • tpavur
    Apr 21, 04:51 PM
    wow! I just fired up my 3.2 mac pro w/ 5870 for the first time and this is what welcomes me? i feel so wronged...

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  • balamw
    May 2, 08:04 PM
    a lb. of butter is still called a lb. of butter here in Canada

    When growing up in Europe in the 70s a pound was simply redefined as 500 g. For most purposes the 10% error is insignificant.

    Volume units (1 liter = 1 quart) work similarly, and 1-2 liter containers are fairly common even here in the US.


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  • QuarterSwede
    Apr 18, 02:52 PM
    They don't already have the IP? Suing company and people for the heck of it seems like a broken system to me.
    They have patents but they HAVE to pursue infringers or they can lose the rights to the patents. That's why you see so many patent lawsuits. Unfortunately, that's just how the system works (in very basic terms).

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  • SandynJosh
    Nov 23, 03:12 PM
    Someone who worked across the aisle from me had a PowerCD connected to his Mac and it was really nice, but it was way too expensive. Then again, you could say that about any of the equipment at the time. It's become much better but the value is often not apparent to the majority of the people.

    If I remember right, when a person removed the PowerCD from its stand to listen to the music on the run it failed to give good performance. Apple forgot to include any buffer memory and skips were more the event then not. At the time, less expenisive protable CD players had such buffer memory, so it was a real dumb move on Apple's part.

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  • Wolfpup
    Nov 5, 08:26 AM
    Sophos provides solutions mainly for large corporations. Its as legitimate as it can get. Whats good about is the small foot print their software takes. So its all business and no nonsense "turbo meters" etc. like with Intego Virus Barrier. Honestly I have no idea why they are giving away Home version for free. The business solutions are expensive. Then again if you really want to sell to corporations it makes sense to give people free home versions to gain presence and goodwill. After all those free Home version using people work in corporations...

    From this comment I can tell you have had absolute NO EXPERIENCE with the product.

    We have had it in our company for 10 years and it's absolutely non-intrusive and hassle free.

    Please don't generate noise if you don't have any relevant experience.


    Nice! Thanks for the info...so I take it this is better than Symantec's product? I used to like their corporate product for Windows, but it got AWFUL as of version 11, so I'm hesitant to install the OS X version (we've got a site license) so it's nice to have an alternative finally!

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  • ticman
    Dec 7, 07:42 PM
    Well guys, I just called my local Apple store and they have the kit in stock. That, and given the 1 -2 months delivery on apple.com and no news at all from BLT, means that for me at least, it's time to bite the bullet.

    I plan to go to the Apple store and buy the kit.

    I reveiwed the Magellan kit on Amazon with a preorder and scheduled delivery of 1/5/2010 and think the Tom tom is a better looking accessory that has gotten good reviews from those that were able to get their hands on one.

    I was hoping we'd spend the holidays together lamenting the non delivery from BLT--LOL.

    I'll give you an update--like man goes balistic in apple store when tom tom car kit is out of stock.

    Good luck to you all.

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  • TennisandMusic
    Apr 18, 02:49 PM
    Ridiculous. Nothing is at all similar, aside from the bezel. But then if that's an "infringement" then all those digital picture frame makers can sue Apple for copying their "user interface". Honeycomb itself, the actual aspect ratio, none of that is similar. Get a grip Apple.

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  • Eldiablojoe
    May 6, 09:35 PM
    Just for the sake of being consistent and keeping it simple for everyone. Could you guys keep posting your actions in the Round/Turn model that DP started with?

    This made it really easy for everyone to keep up and will probably help those that are less frequent visitors to the thread. I'm sure it's better for our storytellers as well. Just a thought/request.I'm not sure I want to take *any* of your suggestions, seeing how your sole goal is to lead us to hell.

    As for the separate groups moving through rooms, I don't see how the larger group can enter one room, then proceed into another room without setting off a trap before tail-end charlie follows along to explore the room. Are you assuming that constant "moving" turns keeps one from falling into a trap?

    I'm a bit confused :confused::confused: It's easy to be confused when your swill serving wench of a wife won't even make you a fookin sammich for gawds sake!

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  • maril1111
    Apr 10, 02:45 AM
    According to my TI-84 its 288 (sorry for the mirroring)

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 25, 09:01 AM
    Any smart phone with GPS will track/store data.

    Thinking you can get away with this simply by switching brands is mental.

    Bottom line, if you don't want to be "tracked" (location recorded) don't own a cellphone. Those cellphone towers always know where you are =-O

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  • reflex
    Jul 22, 11:43 AM
    Not those competing with the MacBook.

    A quick search at CompUSA reveals that every manufacturer (as well as Dell, obviously not represented) have Core Duo machines in competition with the MacBook's price and size.

    Every pc laptop being sold at a lower price than the MacBook is also competing with the Macbook. Some people look at price before features.

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  • michaelrjohnson
    Aug 2, 11:47 AM
    The single most thing that I'm excited for is the Leopard Preview... Nevermind that it's the only thing *confirmed*. ;) After that, anything else is just icing on the cake!:D

    (Apparently, I'm easy to please!)

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  • milozauckerman
    Jul 21, 11:05 PM
    Apple can't not update at least the top-end MacBooks. Dell & Co. will be putting Core 2 in comparably priced machines - $1299/1499 - as the price breaks down similarly to Core Duo chips.

    Apple doesn't want switchers going "hmmm, I can get a MacBook for <x> or a Dell with a better newer processor for the same."

    May 7, 04:57 PM
    Don't negative a possibility, you have no proof that it can't happen, no matter how unlikely it is. You have no proof that iAds have nothing to do with this. We're all talking about possibilities here and MM going free is one of them.

    Don't assume that iAds wouldn't lead to something else for Apple. Apple can do whatever they want if it'll earns them more money.

    Yes, locking people in the Apple ecosystem earns them money, locking people in the same ecosystem with their own ads earns them even more money.

    I don't negate the possibility but one of the problems is that I see is that people think Apple is going to become Google Lite. More appropriately put because Google found success with embedding advertising into free products people assume Apple will follow suit.

    The failure of this ideology is that Google has largely been a web based company that has eschewed getting into consumer hardware save for the Nexus One. Apple is a company that seeks to sell software and hardware thus their profits aren't going to depend on advertising.

    MobileMe Free clears up a big problem with people that have multiple computing problems which, hopefully, means they are less reticent to add another device to the collection if management costs in time and effort don't multiply.

    iAd is important to Apple but it's clear that initially it's going to really appeal to the larger companies. Apple's going after the cream of the crop with iAd and not only are they designing, hosting and approving ads but the expected pricing is beyond what many companies are used to paying.

    So with that in mind I think Apple keeps iAd within its walled garden and realizes that MobileMe free just sells more mobile iPhone OS devices. Could Apple leverage MobileMe free with iAds to make money? Sure but I think it's less plausible than many think.

    Mac Fly (film)
    Jul 22, 08:03 AM
    I can't wait 'till WWCD :D

    Jul 30, 08:53 AM
    An iPod with phone capabilities is a both natural and necessary step for Apple. Seeing how e.g. SonyEricsson already provides cellphones with 4 Gb stored music, Apple needs to act fast.
    The interface of the iPod is brilliant, but I still believe that most people prefer one device instead of lugging around on both a cellphone and a Nano. The simple fact is that most of us have too many gadgets today; cellphone/iPod/digCam/PDA/GPS... You shouldn't need a dolly just to be able to bring all your "necessary" mobile electronic gadgets with you. Hence, including phone capabilities in the iPod is vital if Apple wants to stay in the mp3 market long term.

    Old Muley
    Apr 21, 06:33 PM
    Could this become the fabled "headless iMac"?

    Apr 26, 04:51 PM
    Actually, they are merging, and that's because of the huge debt that Porsche got due to trying to take over Volkswagen. (BTW, the current CEO of Porsche AG is from Volkswagen, that's not generally how you do it after you've taken over another company, more like what happens when you've lost.)

    wanna re-check that sunshine..?